About MCAP

Our Venue

The Corson Playhouse began life as the civic and social hub of Brandon Township.  Dating back to the turn of the 20th century, it served as a dance hall, community center, polling place, and theater for community theater organizations dating as far back as 1928. 
Renovated with new seats and an extended lobby in 2012, the playhouse has housed comedians, musicians, theater groups, local government, and private and civic organizations since the Mighty Corson Art Players took over its operation.

Serving the Brandon and Sioux Falls area, our 100 seat theater provides a unique and intimate experience for actors and audience alike. Contact us today to rent the theater for your private event!

Board of Directors

President:  Brian Schipper
Vice President:  Cindy Bakke
Treasurer:  Chase Phillips
Secretary:  Sara Harrington
Board Members-at-large:  Dave Bakke, Ryan Howe, Kylie Murray

Contact Us

Email: info@mightycorson.com
Phone: (605) 582-2771